All it took was a global pandemic to finish it.

2020 has changed things for a lot of people. While the video game industry has generally done well out of the fact that everyone has had to remain indoors for most of the year, the coronavirus outbreak has had a massively negative effect on other business sectors, with many companies having to lay off staff or even close due to the loss of earnings and general disruption.

Quang Nguyen is one individual who has found himself in such a situation. If you're a keen follower of the retro gaming scene in the UK, then you'll almost certainly know him via his @asobitech Twitter handle, via which he shows off his utterly insane vintage game collection. However, he's also rather good at coding, and actually entered game development way back in 1999, when he started messing around with the Game Boy Development Kit by Pascal Felber and Michael Hope.

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December 23, 2020 at 03:15AM
from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates