GTA 5’s Lamar roasts Franklin scene has turned iconic.

Perhaps owed to YouTube’s algorithm or some other obscure reason, one of the early scenes in GTA 5‘s story has turned into a meme. Technically, that happened around the game’s release in 2013, but only recently jumped back into the mainstream.

If you played the game, you probably remember the moment Lamar started roasting Franklin, with the latter unable to respond.

Since then, countless other versions of that moment have existed, sometimes with iconic characters from the wider pop culture, and other times with simple model swaps with some of the game’s other characters.

But we’ve now come full circle, because the actors who originally played those characters have returned to perform it in real life. Not only does this recreation capture the tone and feel of the original, the actors manage to recreate the same camera angles, match every shot, and even mimic GTA 5’s animation in their motions.

You can witness the work of Slink Johnson (Lamar), Solo Fonteno (Franklin) and PlayStation Haven below. Do be warned, however, that the scene is NSFW for its use of language.

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January 13, 2021 at 02:00AM
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