Titan-falls short of greatness.

The idea of running amok in a giant mech is certainly a tantalising one, isn’t it? With Mango Protocol’s Colossus Down, this is exactly what seven-year-old child prodigy Nika decides to do. Following on directly from 2015’s short title MechaNika, Colossus Down is a 2D side-scrolling brawler in which you must destroy anything and everything that Nike deems is ‘not awesome’. It’s a neat idea that’s ultimately squandered by bland, repetitive gameplay and wholly unliveable characters.

Nika’s mission to rebel against humanity – and all it encapsulates – is bemusing, at best. Without the context of the previous game to explain why she’s decided to embark on her quest of destruction, Nika’s character just comes across as petulant and, well, evil. Playing as the bad guy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and given the right motivations can actually result in a compelling character arc, but Nika just isn’t given anything to work with; she’s an angry child, and that’s about it.

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January 29, 2021 at 06:00AM
from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates