Press 'X' to breach.

Many modern FPS titles contain the obligatory ‘breach’ scene. You know the one; you blow a door off its hinges and suddenly everything goes into slow motion. You scan the room, and as luck would have it, all of your enemies are right in front of you, ready for the picking. It’s flashy, it’s cinematic, but it’s not necessarily an accurate representation of real-life scenarios. Door Kickers seeks to take the concept a few steps further. Its entire premise is centred around breaching various environments, whether it be a small house or a fortified compound, and taking out every enemy combatant in the area. Visually, it doesn’t look flashy or cinematic, but it’s arguably far more realistic than many top-end FPS titles.

Presented from a bird's-eye viewpoint, Door Kickers is a tactical game at heart. Each scenario is broken up into ‘planning’ and ‘live’ segments: the ‘planning’ phase essentially gives you the time and opportunity to lay out the groundwork for your operation. You deploy your squad at various entry points, then proceed to map out their route throughout the environment by either directly drawing on the Switch’s touch screen, or using the analogue stick. In addition to this, you can access items such as flashbang grenades via an inventory wheel, and you can plot out the direction at which these are thrown in the same way you control your squad.

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January 11, 2021 at 06:00AM
from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates