Still pretty sharp.

In August of 2016, the rapidly-declining Wii U eShop was graced by the release of a neat little indie game called Tadpole Treble. As the dream project from Matthew Taranto, a popular webcomic artist, Tadpole Treble easily proved itself to be a memorable and creative experience that we quickly fell in love with. Now, nearly five years on from its debut, a new version of this adorable game called Tadpole Treble Encore has come to the Switch eShop, promising a slightly revised take on the original. We’re happy to report that this game has lost none of its charm or fun in the years since release; it’s every bit a must-have buy for fans of rhythm games.

Tadpole Treble Encore sees you taking on the role of Baton, a freshly-hatched tadpole who finds herself living in a decidedly musical world. Baton’s adventure begins mere minutes after her birth, when she swims a little too far beyond her mother’s watch and finds herself in the gullet of a pelican. She escapes (thank goodness) but faces a long journey through uncharted waters that’ll see her exploring all corners of her island to find the way home.

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January 31, 2021 at 06:00AM
from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates