Bangkok Dangerous.

Mission Crtl Studio's WRITHE is a simplistic, straightforward old-school FPS that sees players take on hordes of giant Sago worms who have descended upon Bangkok in the wake of an evil food corporation's greed-fueled experiments. Strapping on your P.H.U.L.A. life-support armour and grabbing your plasma launcher and phosphorus shotgun, you'll drop into one of three tiny little arenas and shoot, run, jump and hide in order to survive for as long as possible – which won't be very long at all, judging by our experiences with the game's tough-as-nails and rather scrappy brand of combat.

WRITHE comes from an indie studio comprised of just two people – a husband and wife team here working on their very first game – and, in many ways, the small scale of the production shows through. This is a very basic horde survival shooter with just three small levels to charge around (there are two more incoming as DLC over the next few months, alongside much-needed gyro support) and featuring extremely simplistic gunplay in its single gameplay mode.

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January 18, 2021 at 08:00AM
from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates