Sony has reportedly confirmed discontinuing the majority of PS4 models in Japan.

Following reports of a Japanese retailer advising customers that several PS4 models won’t be restocked, Sony’s Japanese arm has seemingly confirmed that this indeed the case in the country.

In fact, according to Game Watch, Sony will only be restocking the PS5 Jet Black 500GB, which is the slim model that also happens to be the cheapest.

All other models, including the various PS4 Pro editions, will no longer be manufactured, meaning they’re completely gone once current stock runs out. It’s also unclear whether this also affects Sony’s other channels in the West.

Indeed, the official PlayStation Direct store in the US no longer sells the PS4 Pro, as the console has been showing as out of stock for a couple of months, so there’s every chance the same thing is happening in the West, though Sony has yet to comment one way or another.

Sony obviously wants to dedicate as much of its production capacity as possible to meeting the immense demand for PS5, which has so far become the best-selling console ever at launch despite shortages.

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January 06, 2021 at 01:58AM
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