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Graffiti Games and developer Robi Studios has announced that Blue Fire is arriving on Switch (and PC, if that's your bag) on 4th February. Inspired by the dungeon combat of the Zelda series and the fast-paced platforming of 2D titles like Hollow Knight (with some lashings of Dark Souls added for good measure), this indie title was first featured in Nintendo's March 2020 Indie World Showcase and was previously planned Summer 2020 launch.

Following the events of last year, it inevitably got pushed back to 'Q1 2021'. However, we got our hands-on a PC demo build back in September last year and were impressed with the opening stages of the game, its snappy combat and dungeon-based exploration. Check out the launch date trailer above for a good idea of the atmosphere and 3D action adventure gameplay Robi Studios has crafted.

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January 14, 2021 at 02:45AM
from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates