"One can only be flattered by such a comparison".

Fans of the roguelike and roguelite genre have had some real gems to enjoy over the last couple of years, with excellent games like Dead Cells and last year's award-sweeping Hades serving up some incredibly satisfying run-based dungeon-crawling on Switch.

Curse of the Dead Gods is another example that's been steadily building its fanbase in Early Access on Steam for some time now, and developer Passtech Games is bringing its crunchy, punchy combat and lovely particle effects to a Nintendo system near you very soon — it's launching on Switch eShop on 23rd February. The word on the street (well, on Steam at least) is 'Very Positive', so you'll want to pay attention if you're partial to punchy, crunchy combat and explosions.

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February 07, 2021 at 10:00AM
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