A brave new world, or a throwback to an older one?

Square Enix has always been one of the biggest names in the RPG genre, but it’s been interesting to see how the company has changed its design philosophies with the times. For example, its biggest franchise – Final Fantasy – has long since left behind its humble origins as a turn-based RPG and embraced increasingly more grandiose and experimental ideas on both the storytelling and gameplay fronts. Even so, a large contingent of fans have demanded a return to games that align with those relatively simplistic roots, and it’s this push that led to the creation of the Bravely Default series on the 3DS. What originally began as a Final Fantasy spin-off took on its own identity; one formed around refining and championing the concepts of early '90s JRPGs. Now, Bravely Default II has come along to continue that dream, and in this regard it most certainly succeeds. Bravely Default II is a classic-style JRPG through and through, but one that includes modern conveniences where needed to ensure a smooth and engaging experience.

Much like how new numbered entries in the Final Fantasy series each introduce a fresh world and cast, Bravely Default II tells a standalone story that retains thematic connections to its predecessors. You take control of a hero named Seth, a shipwreck survivor who washes ashore in the land of Excillant and soon joins up with a small party of adventurers who each are pursuing their own personal (though intertwining) goals. The main thrust of the narrative is centered around Gloria, the princess of the fallen kingdom of Musa which once housed the four elemental crystals that govern the balance of nature in Excillant. The fall of her kingdom resulted in the crystals’ disappearance, which has wreaked havoc across the land, so Gloria takes it upon herself to track down the crystals to prevent the apocalypse from happening.

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February 25, 2021 at 05:00AM
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