Archaeology, without the guns and whips.

Aliya Elasra is not a likeable character. She is cynical, untrustworthy, and as stubborn as a wayward child. She is unpleasant to those who care about her, and as a result, the list is rapidly dwindling. Her mentor at the University of Iox calls her into her office one day and tasks her with finding a missing roboticist, Janniqi Renba, who was trying to find... something. Aliya is not a detective. She is an archaeologist, a historian, and a linguist concerned with the ancient lost tongue that has been scrawled across the walls and artefacts of the long-dead civilisation who lived here before her. But, as Heaven's Vault quickly makes clear, her skillset might be exactly what the universe needs.

Aliya's job is discovery, and exploration. You travel across the Nebula between tiny, barely-populated moons, on the search for clues about Renba – and about what he found. Many of these clues are inscribed with snippets of Ancient, the language that dominates Heaven's Vault, and slowly, through trial and error (and more artefacts), you will begin to build a dictionary of words that can help translate more complex sentences.

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February 13, 2021 at 06:00AM
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