A multi-format menagerie.

Nintendo’s handheld console upgrades were so common for so long you could practically set your watch by them: the leap from Game Boy to Game Boy Color via the Pocket; the GBA’s evolution from its original battery powered form to the blazing intensity of the Micro’s beautiful screen; the more recent range of DSis, XLs and New!s. And even now those Switch Pro rumours just won’t go away.

What’s often forgotten is all the effort poured into the company's home hardware while this was going on; expanding their capabilities, designing new storage mediums, creating specialised services and releasing exclusive titles that capitalised on the raw power and fresh opportunities lurking within the base console’s shiny new attachment. It was all very impressive with only one slight drawback — most of these accessories never left Japan.

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March 13, 2021 at 08:00AM
from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates