Take a look back at its early efforts with Ys and The Legend of Heroes.

Not every anniversary is always cause for celebration with companies. Nintendo was noticeably quiet during Legend of Zelda's 35th recently, but Nihon Falcom is doing things differently. A special 40th anniversary broadcast planned at 11am GMT, and will be hosted by President Toshihiro Kondo, looking back at the company's long history in RPGs. And what a history that is.

Nihon Falcom opened its doors on March 9th 1982 and was an early pioneer of RPGs, focusing mainly on Japanese personal computers. Nihon Falcom doesn't usually get the same love that other major publishers do – Square Enix and Atlus are more famous in the west, for example – but throughout its history, it has successfully developed a dedicated cult following.

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March 09, 2021 at 03:30AM
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