Work ya body, w-work ya body.

Giles Goddard, veteran programmer who worked on the likes of Star Fox and Super Mario 64 (he programmed Mario's squidgy face on the splash screen), has wanted to make a 'new' 1080° Snowboarding for some time now, and his development and publishing company Chuhai Labs has now lifted the lid on its new spiritual successor, Carve Snowboarding, as part of the Oculus Gaming Showcase.

Yes, it seems that fans of Ricky Winterborn, Dion Blaster and the rest of the cool 'boarders from the N64 classic will be left out in the cold for some time yet, unfortunately. This new game — prominently billed as "From The Creator Of 1080° Snowboarding" in the reveal trailer (above) — is an Oculus VR exclusive.

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April 22, 2021 at 02:15AM
from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates