Outriders developers just can’t seem to catch a break on the inventory wipe problem.

Yesterday, People Can Fly dropped the promised Outriders patch that’s meant to fix the bug wiping players’ inventories. While the developer works on figuring out when to restore players’ lost items, the patch was supposed to prevent whatever it was causing the bug from happening to anyone else.

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Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that some who did not have the bug, have somehow caught it after installing the patch. In other words, players who managed to dodge getting their inventories wiped logged in yesterday to find everything gone.

People Can Fly quickly reacted, asking players who only had their inventories wiped after the patch to submit a report. The developer is calling them “edge cases.” Though that may be true, it hasn’t stopped further distrust of spreading amongst the game’s community.

Predictably, the memes have already begun, as many are simply scared to launch the game at all until they can be certain all inventory-related problems have been fixed. It’s a particularly unfortunate situation for the team, who continues to work on keeping up with issues.

But in a meaty loot shooter like Outriders, it’s hard to convince players to come back if there’s even the smallest risk that all their hard work will be lost. While the developer did promise to eventually restore the inventories of affected players, it could not guarantee that all stats will remain the same.

If you plan to continue playing Outriders, don’t panic if you see all your stuff gone. People Can Fly said it may take up to five minutes for your inventory to reappear.

When you do get in, our Outriders guide is full of helpful tips.

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April 16, 2021 at 02:14AM
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