It's all thanks to the 'Two-hour Dad'.

Thanks to the launch of Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom from Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's Legendary CEO, a new book that pulls together various Iwata Asks interviews and touching words from Iwata's colleagues at Nintendo, fans are discovering (and rediscovering) all sorts of fascinating facts about the company.

Over the past couple of days, one topic which seems to be doing the rounds on social media is the Wii's infamous 'Why not take a break? screen. As anyone who owned the console will likely remember, this screen used to appear pretty frequently when playing games like Wii Sports; Nintendo clearly thought that players should be reminded to relax after their strenuous tennis playing, even though we dare say the majority stayed firmly seated on their sofa while waving their hand about.

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April 19, 2021 at 03:00AM
from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates