Royal Family Games.

You may remember an old PR stunt pulled by publisher THQ around the 2009 launch of Big Family Games (known in the US as Neighborhood Games) which involved sending a gold-plated Wii to Buckingham Palace as a present for HRH Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen isn't in the habit of opening unsolicited gifts, so she almost certainly never personally saw this shiny custom console, but the system absolutely existed and cropped up on our radar a couple of years ago when People Make Games released a fun video tracking it down.

Well, the self-same console is back on the gaming scene — and now we proles have the chance to get our greasy mitts on this regal retro curio. The 24 karat gold (plated, obviously) Wii console is up for sale on auction site eBay with a chunky 'Buy It Now' price of $300,000.

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April 28, 2021 at 04:30AM
from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates