Get in the sea.

With Epic Games merrily forging the metaverse over in Fortnite, it's getting harder these days to surprise people with a daring crossover. Ryu and Chun Li from Capcom's Street Fighter have already appeared in the world's foremost battle royale, but this latest Street Fighting cross-promotion has really come out of the blue. Geddit?

Davidoff — Swiss purveyor of pungent and expensive liquids — has temporarily dumped its chiselled models emerging half naked from the ocean and teamed up with Capcom to release a pair of Street Fighter-branded fragrances featuring Ryu and Chun Li. Yes, you can now mask your repulsive gamer scent with an odour designed to evoke memories of sweaty street brawlers.

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April 29, 2021 at 05:30AM
from Nintendo Life | Latest Updates