Or tomorrow. We ain't picky.

Zion is angry, and we don't blame him. There's been a lot of news about Mother 3 lately — well, by "a lot" we mean "two", but that's a lot for a game that came out 15 years ago — and that means it's a great time to re-release it.

See, we just want to play Mother 3. It's been near the top of "most-asked for games" for a long time, achieving meme status along with Half-Life 3, Ace Attorney Investigations 2, or Bloodborne on anything that isn't a PlayStation. But currently, the only way to play it in the West is either a minor crime, or it's expensive, and there's no legitimate way to play it and give money to Nintendo for doing the right thing.

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May 03, 2021 at 11:30AM
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