...but you still shouldn't buy it.

Soulja Boy has shifted a fair few records in his time, but he's seemingly obsessed with cracking another market: video games. If you recall, back in 2018 he attempted to sell rebranded Chinese games consoles running unlicensed ROMs before trying his hand at releasing a Game Boy clone. Following apparent legal action from Nintendo, Soulja Boy was forced to remove the listings from the web, admitting that he "...had to boss up, I didn’t have a choice."

It would seem that you can't keep a good rapper down, however. Earlier this year, Soulja Boy was at it again, teasing yet another game console, one which looked a lot like an Xbox Series S. Soulja Boy was clearly bullish about the project, saying. "Building a new console from scratch, all new design. All new games. All new deals. Let’s make history." However, it would seem that he's already moved onto his next venture, which is another handheld. And guess what? He's basically just added his endorsement to a cheap handheld console which is based on older hardware.

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June 11, 2021 at 01:00AM
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