Wireless charging is in the pipeline, too!

If there's one thing we really like about modern portable hardware, it's the fact that we no longer have to dig out AA or AAA batteries to run them. While the Game Boy had more modest power demands than many of its rivals, it still required a steady stock of batteries if you were a serious gamer; sure, rechargeable AAs have come down in price over the decades, you can't help but pine for a more 'modern' solution – and that's where RetroSix comes in.

We've covered this UK-based firm in the past – they do an amazing line in modded consoles, including pimped-out Game Boy Advance and Sega Game Gear systems – but we recently took stock of another of their products, the CleanJuice battery mod for the good old DMG-001.

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June 09, 2021 at 07:45AM
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